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your child will develop self-esteem, independence and language

The world of the 2.10 to 3.10 Years-old is one filled with socialisation, conversation, imagination, and curiosity. They have moved through their stage of separation, and taken ownership of the classroom spaces. They understand the basic ways we socialise and interact with our peers, and so we begin to challenge them. We provide them with moments to work on patience, through taking longer turns and sharing materials. We lengthen our meeting times and read longer books to work on more focused attention spans. Now that the children have learned to come together as a whole group, we now challenge the children to work in pairs and small groups as they investigate curriculum and questions. boradmind is the place to enjoy a sense of independence through self-help tasks. Activity based learning ensures happy bunch of children looking forward to each new day at the school. Children learn to freely explore, discover and experience a wide range of sensory, creative and physical experiences while learning the importance of focussing on a single task. Highlights of Nursery Curriculum.. Gross motor - jumping, hopping, balance on one foot Fine motor - Managing colouring work independently, pre- writing skills, Sensory - seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, and smelling Language - communication in sentences, introduction of phonetics Math / Cognitive - pattern and shape recognition, numerical language Social / Emotional - making friends, sharing, caring

Activities galore:

Activities galore: Free play learning stations, Story time, Role plays, Circle Time, Sensorial activities, Splash pool, Sand pit play, Sing along - Rhyme time, Art and craft, Audio Visual learning, Special days (concept and theme related), Festival celebrations

  • Life skills : developing positive self image, respecting others
  • Music : Independently singing / reciting singing along with others
Best Nursery in Mahalakshmi layout, Best preschool in Mahalakshmi layout
Admission are Open:
  • Start Date April : 15th 2022 onwards.
  • Class Size : 15-24 kids
  • Years : 6+ months to 12+ years.
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Broad mind preschool taking extra measures to ensure each child remains safe and unharmed while at school.

We identify and build on one's strengths to modify and increase the less developed intelligences in the children.

Live CCTV Parents need not to worry about whether the child is eating well especially for preschool students.

We provide healthy and delicious school meals which are freshly cooked Nutritious Meals.

Broad mind Preschool

We are the Best Nursery preschool in Mahalakshmi layout and we well established in Bangalore and over 10 years of experience in Montessori Education in Mahalakshmi layout,Bangalore. Our motto is aiming to educate with happiness. our Broad mind preschool is a safe and secure place built specifically for young children to provide them a structured and enriching learning environment. Our aim is to provide the best possible care and education to help our children become confident, independent and happy learners.

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